Queer Next Up: Kevin Atwater

Kevin Atwater (he/him) is a singer-songwriter from a small town in Illinois called Downers Grove. He gained a significant following on TikTok, and is known for sharing his personal and confessional songwriting with the world.

Queer Joy: A Soundtrack

Queer yearning and trauma are common themes through many of pop’s greatest hits from “Sofia” by Clairo to “TALK ME DOWN” by Troye Sivan. But, queerness is not just struggle, sacrifice, and heartbreak. Queerness is bold, vibrant, and exciting. And, while it may be cathartic to sob along to songs alone in bed, sometimes we need music to remind us that queer joy exists. Here are ten songs by queer artists about the queer experience that radiate sunshine and serotonin.

Palomino Festival Displays Country Music’s Progress Toward Diversity

As a queer Indian-American, the country genre has always seemed antithetical to my existence, a mix of hypermasculinity and overwhelming whiteness. Observing country artists like Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan, I perceived country as music for the white man and…

EXCLUSIVE: Up-And-Coming Queer Artist D’arcy Releases New Music Video “Crazy”

Still from D’arcy’s music video “Crazy” **Trigger warning for depictions of overdose, implications of suicidality and hospitalization** Pre-save “Crazy” Queer electro-pop artist D’arcy releases her new single “Crazy” tomorrow, but we have the exclusive opportunity to give you all early…

“Let’s Groove!”: OutWrite’s Gay Disco Playlist

Graphic by Chrys Marr (she/they) Listen to and save our very own Disco Playlist here! You can click the Spotify logo below to be sent there, too.

An Interview with Rio Romeo: Love, Valentine’s Day, and What It Means To Be An Artist

Photography by Charis Shargel (She/Her)Edited by Christopher Ikonomou (Xe/He Co-Written by Emma Blakely (They/She/He), Charis Shargel (She/Her), Kristin Haegelin (She/Her), and Chrys Marr (She/They) In my opinion, there are criminally few artists that make unapologetically, candidly lesbian songs. To name…

Best of 2021: Our Picks for Queer Music

We asked our staff for their favorite queer music from 2021, and they answered! Listen to our full playlist or check out each song below.

Reconciling An Empty Sky: One Queer’s Connection to Phoebe Fucking Bridgers and Her Reunion Tour

Photo by Christopher Ikonomou (Xe/He) “FUCK THE COPS!” rings out in the crowd during an otherwise quiet performance of “Smoke Signals” during Phoebe Bridgers’ first hometown show at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. After a pandemic release of her…

Sing To Me Instead: One Year Since Ben Platt’s Album Debut

Graphic by Ria Kotak Many people know Ben Platt for his heart-warming and gut-wrenching role as Evan Hansen in the Broadway production of Dear Evan Hansen. Nonetheless, Platt is a familiar face on Broadway, previously starring in The Music Man…

A Portrait of Greyson Chance

Graphic by Kit If you became a child star, how different do you think your life would be? In the sixth grade, Greyson Chance posted a cover of “Paparazzi” by Lady Gaga and rose to fame in a matter of…