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NCOW Symposium: Queering Marriage and the Family

On Friday, November 18th, students and faculty gathered beneath the vaulted ceiling of Royce Hall’s Conference Room to hear roundtable discussions about Queer identity. The symposium, titled “What We Talk About, When We Talk About Queer”, was hosted by the UCLA LGBT Studies Department. Scholars of psychology, world arts and cultures, Chican@ studies, public policy, […]

A Fight for Diversity: Days of Defiance II

Earlier this week students rallied for diversity and against harmful Propositions to this cause. On October 15th and 16th, 2013, students from across campus gathered on the hill in their own “Days of Defiance II.” On the 15th, students rallied against Michigan’s anti-affirmative action ballot proposal – Proposal 2. On the 16th, students protested the […]

Hill Opens LGBTQ-themed Floor

When first-year Melissa Pagela learned she would be living in De Neve Acacia’s new Gender, Sexuality and Society themed floor this year, she wasn’t sure what to expect. “I asked a friend about their floor’s theme and they said, ‘X-Men.’ My floor sounded like a class, but I decided to stay because I knew I […]

Photo-essay: Vietnamese Culture Night

The 33rd annual Vietnamese Culture Night produced by the Vietnamese Student Union presents Unrequited: Đường Một Chiều, which translates to ‘one-way road’ or ‘one way traffic’. The show challenges the, often conservative, Vietnamese ideas of gender roles and perception of sexuality. Opening scene: Daniel (right) is frustrated by his family’s constant nag of finding a […]