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World Spotlight: Nigeria

For the past years, the LGBT community has been striving to reach more and more of their rights, which include gay marriage (which they have accomplished in some states). More and more people are becoming accepting and understanding, but there are still places, countries, and states that aren’t on board. One of those places is […]

Eonists, Transvestities, Inverts and Hermaphrodites: The Perceptions Given by Media

Whether it is informing about new technology or health issues, the press is always educating the public and influencing their lives and life choices. During the 1930s to mid 1950s the transsexual and transgender community benefitted from the media coverage on “sex reversals,” “sex changes,” and “sexual metamorphoses.” “From the 1930s through the 1950s, certain […]

Global Spotlight: China

Coming out is tough almost all around the world, but in China, it can constitute a major tragedy. When one man in northeast China told his parents he was gay, his father pulled a knife on him; one lesbian committed suicide after her parents locked her in the house, banning her from going outside. Although […]