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UCLA Spotlight: Women’s Bodies, Women’s Votes, With Gloria Steinem

On October 7, 2012, Gloria Steinem came to UCLA to offer a lecture called “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Votes,” and, amidst the crowded hall in Broad (one which she would comment later as disliking—as she does many of the places she lectures—for its inherent hierarchical (and thus inherently patriarchal) structure, a kind of nostalgia for the […]

Viral on Twitter, But are the Polls Immune? A Response to Obama’s Endorsement of Same-Sex Marriage

On May 9th, 2012, President Obama made history. Or at the very least–he made Twitter history. In the first few hours after his statement of personal support for same-sex marriage, Obama’s official same-sex marriage endorsement tweet, which read “Same-sex couples should be able to get married” was retweeted a whopping 50,000 times! To get some perspective on this number, it is approximately half as many tweets as the number banked by the most retweeted post of all time: a promotional tweet by the esteemed Wendy’s restaurant in June of last year.

Obama and the Great Gay Marriage Flip-Flop

Ahh, the Republican Primary – what a thrill it has been to watch that hot, sticky mess play out. And while Mitt Romney has emerged as the likely nominee, he hasn’t exactly come out clean. Observers across the political spectrum see him as a flip-flopper. A fake. And, of course, an “Etch-a-Sketch.” His constantly “evolving” […]

Ally Week Update

The second annual Ally Week began this year with a presentation on athlete allyship by Hudson Taylor, a wrestling coach at Columbia University.  Though raised in a staunchly religious household, Taylor’s experiences in college shifted his perspectives on the LGBT community.  The wrestler soon questioned the homophobic slurs and attitude of his fellow athletes in […]