Print Editions

Our current print magazine is the Spring 2022 issue “Reflections of Radiance”!

Wondering where can you get a copy of our print issues?
  1. An updated list of on-campus newsstands where we send our magazines can be found here.
  2. We frequently replenish the magazine rack in the UCLA LGBTQ Campus Resource Center which sits right inside next to the entrance.
  3. Digital copies of our print editions from 2009-2018 can be found on Issuu. We will be adding all our full print magazines from the 2021-22 academic year this summer, along with posting the individual pieces to our website!
  4. Keep an eye on our social media (Instagram | Facebook | Twitter) for new releases and any release parties or distribution events. We try to host something every time we finish something new!
Finally, check out some of our past publications below: