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Meaningful Beauty

Beauty is an extremely ambiguous value. That’s right, I said it. Beauty is an ideal that we cannot truly depict. Think about it: how can a person state that something they deem to be beautiful is more aesthetically pleasing than the preferences of another person? We merely don’t hold the power to make that decision, […]

ABC: G is for Genderqueer

Earlier last year, social media giant, Facebook, changed its popular website in a way that excited many people in the queer community. The company allowed users on its website to choose one of over 50 gender options in an unprecedented move made by a company of this size and renown. Today, Facebook has gotten rid […]

Asexuality 2.0

Last year, I wrote an article affirming my identity as asexual and bi/panromantic. I included the perpetual onslaught of moments in my life where I was directly or indirectly made to feel that there was something inherently wrong with me. I included these moments to combat them, to strongly state that I am right in […]

The Reality of My Home

When I came out to my brother, he couldn’t understand why I seemed so scared to tell him. To him, it was clear-cut: if I was gay, then that was that, and how could I be any less than perfectly proud and unapologetic? He didn’t understand that every word I managed was laced with the […]

Love in the Age of Alcohol: An Interview with Buster Ross

Sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Rampant immorality. Breeding grounds of future devil-worshippers, communists, and worst of all, homosexuals. All of these have been included in near-apocalyptic descriptors to American high schoolers of what they may experience, not attending Woodstock, but enrolling in college. These warnings may seem outdated and over-exaggerated (they are), but unless […]