We host a podcast recorded from weekly live shows with UCLA Radio called Speak Out!

In Winter 2023, we air every Thursday at 5pm PT at uclaradio.com!

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Past Episodes

Episode 13 (posted March 25, 2023)

Christopher and Judah interview Cody, Danielle, and Nick of Grocer, an up-and-coming alternative rock band from Philadelphia. They talk their origin story, developing their sound, musical influences, quintessential tracks, appealing to outcasts, future goals, and their newest EP “Scatter Plot.”

Episode 12 (posted March 18, 2023)

Christopher, Judah, and special guest Evan talk the unfiltered trans experience in honor of Trans Day of Visibility! They discuss the minutiae of their identities, intersectionality, self-perception, the dreaded bathroom debate, the absurdity of transphobia, bioessentialism, fascism and trans genocide, the medical system, bodily autonomy, and loving transness.

Episode 11 (posted March 11, 2023)

Judah, Lily, and Colson talk all about bisexuality in honor of Bisexual Health Awareness Month. They discuss defining their identities, intersectionality with transness, realizing they were bi, what they love about their bisexuality, bi representation and erasure, sexual health and education, and advice for their younger selves.

Episode 10 (posted March 4, 2023)

Judah and the Speak Out crew talk about queer culture and its origins. They discuss love for denim, reading as escapism, creepypasta, fashion, palatability, neopronouns, womanhood, and what it means to be nonbinary.

Episode 9 (posted Feb. 25, 2023)

Christopher and special guest Omaia share the ins and outs of their aromanticism in honor of Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week. They discuss the minutiae of their identities, their favorite aromantic headcanons, queerplatonic relationships, coming out, defying expectations, and advice for their younger selves. The Kool-Aid man and The Bee Movie get involved somehow.

Episode 8 (posted Feb. 18, 2023)

The Speak Out crew talk about all things love this belated Valentine’s Day! They discuss heartwarming and horrifying dating stories, navigating dating apps, when to make the first move, the fuzzy line between platonic and romantic love, and valuing compassion and community above all else.

Episode 7 (posted Feb. 11, 2023)

Christopher, Judah, and Michel interview Cuee, a Black trans recording artist from Chicago. He speaks about being a Black trans human, self-love and staying positive, embracing his transition, his dream collaborations, and more.

Episode 6 (posted Feb. 5, 2023)

Judah, Christopher, and Lily discuss intersectionality along the lines of race, culture, class, and disability as they relate to queer and trans identities. They explore its usage within queer spaces to both demonize and uplift certain voices, and which direction the community should be going with these conversations.

Episode 5 (posted Jan. 28, 2023)

Judah, Christopher, and JQ continue their conversation on queer representation. In Part 2, they talk about “That 70s Show,” “Bodies Bodies Bodies,” “Monstrous Regiment,” “Genera+ion,” “Sort Of,” “Knives Out,” “Scream,” “Good Omens,” “The Umbrella Academy,” “Hannibal,” “Killing Eve,” “No Time To Die,” “The Walking Dead,” and “Hades.”

Episode 4 (posted Jan. 21, 2023)

Christopher and Judah (and special guest JQ) explore some good, bad, confusing, and headcanoned queer representation in film, TV, and video games. In Part 1, they talk “Gentefied, “The Walking Dead,” “Harry Potter,” “Skyrim,” “The Sims,” “Euphoria,” and “The Last Of Us.”

Episode 3 (posted Dec. 10, 2022)

Christopher and Emma interview Colby Minifie (“The Boys”), the star of Joseph Sackett’s heartfelt, genderqueer, body-swap comedy film “Homebody.” She talks her process for embodying a 10-year-old boy, how the film challenged her own ideas about femininity, and who she’d switch bodies with for a day.

Episode 2 (posted Nov. 25, 2022)

In honor of Trans Awareness Week, Judah and Christopher talk the trans community, finding and rejecting labels, expressing yourself, and trans joy, self-love, and dysphoria.

Episode 1 (posted Nov. 13, 2022)

Judah and Christopher talk the Satanic Panic, its current implications in rising legislation, and protecting and cherishing our community.

Speak Out is the radio show/podcast made by OutWrite Newsmagazine, the oldest queer college publication in the nation established in 1979 at the University of California, Los Angeles. A mix of talk, interviews, and advice, Speak Out is a deep dive into queer community in all its forms.