Our latest print magazine is the Spring 2023 issue “Color”!
Wondering where can you get a physical copy of our print magazines?
  1. An updated list of on-campus newsstands and Los Angeles locations where we send our magazines can be found here.
  2. We frequently replenish the magazine rack in the UCLA LGBTQ Campus Resource Center which sits right inside next to the entrance.
  3. Digital copies of our print editions from 2009 onward can be found on Issuu. (We publish all issues from the previous academic year over the summer!)
  4. Keep an eye on our social media (Instagram | Facebook | Twitter) for new releases and any release parties or distribution events.
Cover spread for OutWrite’s “Color” (Spring 2023) magazine.
Cover spread for OutWrite’s “Culture” (Winter 2023) magazine.
Cover spread for OutWrite’s “Satanic Panic” (Fall 2022) magazine.
cover spread for Spring 2022 collaborative zine between Nommo, FEM, Pacific Ties, and OutWrite titled "L.A." The cover design features an illustrated map of Los Angeles in pale colors. the back cover has all the publications' editors in chief signatures and the publications websites and social media handles.
Cover spread for “Los Angeles” (Spring 2022) collaborative magazine.
cover spread for OutWrite Spring 2022 magazine titled "Reflections of Radiance." Front cover design features a photo of two white queer men leaning on each other, reflected in a butterfly shaped mirror. behind them is an illustrated landscape of green rolling hills, blue mountains, and a distant city. a smiling crescent moon and dancing music notes surround the men. Back cover feature 18 black and white cartoon portraits of the staff who worked on the magazine on a light blue background with OutWrite's website and social media handle.
Cover spread for OutWrite’s “Reflections of Radiance” (Spring 2022) magazine.
cover spread for winter 2022 volume 2 magazine titled "wanting: a queer beauty and burden." front cover design depicts two hands reaching for each other, each wrapped in delicate silver chains. around them is a cycle of blooming and decaying multicolored roses. back cover design depicts one of the hands holding a sparse bouquet of the same roses next to OutWrite's website and social media handle
Cover spread for OutWrite’s “Wanting: A Queer Beauty & Burden” (Winter 2022 Volume 2) magazine.
cover spread for OutWrite's winter 2022 volume 1 magazine titled "queer rage, resistance, and renaissance." Front cover design is a photograph queering the painting "achilles lamenting the death of patroclus". achilles is played by an asian woman with shoulder length black hair and patroclus is a plus sized white nonbinary person with light short hair and a binder. the title is in a magazine cut out style. Back cover is a different angle of the scene with achilles staring into the camera. the photo is burned out into white with OutWrite's website and social media handle.
Cover spread for OutWrite’s “Queer Rage, Resistance, & Renaissance” (Winter 2022 Volume 1) magazine.