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Other: The Unheard Voices of QPOC Adoptees

You know what’s always stressed me out? Back in high school, when we had to take standardized tests, there’d always be a preface question about which race you identify as. They’d list the options — African American, Caucasian, Asian, Latino, etc — and while most kids bubbled in their answer in about half a second, […]

Ship Happens: The Inevitable Outcome of Underrepresentation

Ship, n. Short for romantic relationship. v. To endorse a romantic relationship. Shipping, n. The act of endorsing a romantic relationship, usually fictional, usually in a fan-created work. 2016 was a poor year, like most years, for queer representation in popular media. In their annual Where We Are on TV report, GLAAD tallied up only […]

Shock the Audience

Graphic by Hannah Boston It was the moment we had all been waiting for. Our theater class was finally about to experience the magic of that wonderful unit, Expressionism. We had all heard about it from girls in older grades. “There’s people throwing raw meat around the stage, screaming, making out, all that weird shit,” […]

A Word of Thanks

As a newsmagazine, OutWrite aims to empower the LGBTQ+ community at UCLA and beyond by celebrating intersectional experiences, looking critically at complex inequities faced by our communities, and providing positive LGBTQ+ representation. Lately, our staff has been reflecting on why we all individually joined OutWrite. We think it’s important to understand what OutWrite means to each of us in order to better the work we do, […]

“This Is What Resistance Looks Like” at UCLA and Beyond

illustration by Emily Dearborn and Liana Kindler On February 15th, renowned gender theorist, philosopher, and professor Judith Butler delivered a guest lecture at UCLA hosted by the RAVE organization, a UCLA faculty group dedicated to “Resistance Against Violence Through Education” formed in the immediate wake of Donald Trump’s election to the United States Presidency. Judith […]

Making the Intersectional Visible: The Personal Importance of Moonlight

Moonlight (2016, dir. Barry Jenkins) examines the never spoken Black sexuality and masculinity through a lens of a boy, teen, then man who is hardened by what his environment demands of him. It’s a journey of how Chiron silently slips into manhood with his emotional insights beaten down but intact. He rarely speaks but it’s […]