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Meet The Editors!

Rainer Lee (He/Him) | Editor-in-Chief

Rainer Lee (he/him) is the Editor-in-Chief and a writer at OutWrite. He is a fourth year English major and an avid believer in the power of story. He’s passionate about queer media, good noodles, and fun fashion.

Min Kim (they/them) | Managing Editor

Min Kim (they/them) is a fourth year Computer Science and Linguistics undergraduate working as the Managing Editor and a copy editor at OutWrite. They are minoring in Film and Television and like to fantasize about the tattoos they swear they’ll get one day in their spare time.

Bellze Tandoc (They/Xey) | Developmental Editor

Bellze (they/xey) is a Developmental Editor and copy editor at OutWrite. They are a second year transfer student and English major. They are absolutely enamored with video games, their dog named Puddles, and their frog tattoos.

Brenna Connell (She/They) | Developmental Editor, Graphics Head

Brenna Connell (she/they) is a fourth year English major, a Developmental Editor, the Graphics Head, and a writer at OutWrite. Given the opportunity, she will talk or write about sci-fi/fantasy, videogames, gender, and existential nonsense until hunger and/or exhaustion win out.

Jericho Tran-Faypon (They/Them) | Developmental Editor

Jericho Tran-Faypon (they/them) is a Developmental Editor for OutWrite. They are a second-year Psychology and Sociology double major who enjoys critical thinking, people-watching, and listening to other people’s stories. As a part of OutWrite, they hope to contribute to the coming together of the queer community and the dismantling of the cisheteropatriarchy!

Bella Hou (She/Her) | Copy Chief

Bella (she/her) is the co-Copy Chief at OutWrite. She’s a fourth year MCDB major and in her free time, she enjoys gaming, napping and writing/reading queer stories.

Emma Blakely (They/She/He) | Copy Chief

Emma Blakely (they/she/he) is a Copy Chief and writer at OutWrite. They are a fourth year MIMG and Communications double major and are in the UCLA Marching Band and researching with the Kohn Lab. They love good stories, dance, and listening to music and podcasts.

Giulianna Vicente (She/Her) | Layout Head

Giulianna Vicente (she/her) is a fourth year Gender Studies major on the Pre-Medicine track. She is interested in holistic reproductive health practices, menstrual health accessibility, and advocacy for diverse and inclusive sexual education, including menstrual and breast health. Additionally, she is interested in the inclusion of queer individuals in healthcare and the medical field at large. She is currently the Co-President of Lavender Health Alliance, a queer medical organization, amongst other organizations she’s a part of.

Ellie Chun (She/They) | Social Media Head

Ellie Chun (she/they) is the Social Media Head and on layout staff at Outwrite. She is a second-year Psychology major who enjoys crochet, cozy games, theatre, and dance.

JQ Shearin (She/Her) | Podcast Head

JQ Shearin (she/her) is the Podcast Editor at OutWrite. She is a second-year double major in History and Economics with a passion for local activism and transformative queer readings of art.

Meet The Staff!

Aleah Schreiber (She/Her) | Writer

Aleah Schreiber (she/her) is a writer at OutWrite. She is a second year IDS major and is passionate about shedding light on social inequality and raising muted voices. Her favorite things are thrifting, hanging out with friends, and sweet treats.

Alyssa Avila (She/Her) | Podcast

Alyssa Avila (she/her) is a third year World Arts and Cultures major and a podcast team member at Outwrite Magazine. In her free time, she enjoys thrifting, journaling, and taking photos.

Ariana Castro (She/Her) | Copy Editor, Writer

Ariana Castro (she/her) is a copy editor and a writer at OutWrite and a third-year English major at UCLA. Her passions include queer joy, creative writing, and Pilipinx and Pilipinx-American culture, history, and advocacy.

Augustine Udukumbura(They/Them) | Outreach

Augustine (they/them) is part of the Outreach team at OutWrite. They are a fourth year Sociology and Gender Studies double major, also minoring in LGBTQ Studies. They have an affinity for pastel-hued colored pencils and is most likely finding good stationery.

Ava Rosenberg (She/They) | Copy Editor

Ava Rosenberg (she/they) is a copy editor and secondary writer at OutWrite. She is a third year sociology major and loves writing about queer news in professional and college sports. They are a huge LA Rams fan, casual D&D player and fine cheese critic.

Catherine Zhang (She/Her) | Artist

Catherine Zhang (she/her) is an artist at OutWrite. She is a first year Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics major who enjoys drawing digitally in her free time. The Owl House is her comfort show.

Claude Chung (He/They) | Writer

Claude Chung (he/they) is a Korean-American writer at OutWrite and a second year Psychobiology student hoping to earn their PhD in psychology after graduation. He spends his leisure time researching psychology and taking part in the goth scene.

Cole Lopez (They/Them) | Writer, Artist

Cole Lopez (they/them) is a writer and illustrator for OutWrite. They are a second year Graduate student in the gender studies department as well as a single parent to two young kids.

Ember Ireland (They/Xe) | Writer

Ember Ireland (they/xe) is a first-year Labor Studies and Disability Studies double major and a writer for OutWrite. They are passionate about advocacy for social justice through writing, and consuming queer media to share with others. Aside from writing, they love playing piano, playing with their cats, dancing, and chilling in the LGBTQ+ CRC.

Emerie Avila (She/Her) | Writer

Emerie Avila (she/her) is a writer at Outwrite and a second year English major. In her free time, she likes watching zombie movies, reading books, and eating just about anything with chocolate.

Gracie Bitting (She/Her) | Copy Editor

Gracie Bitting (she/her) is excited to be a copy editor at OutWrite! She is a second year Biophysics major and enjoys musical theatre, cats, and spending time with friends and family.

Gwendolyn Hill (She/Her) | Copy Editor

Gwendolyn Hill (she/her) is a fourth year Psychobiology major and copy editor at OutWrite. Her passions include disability justice, accessibility, music, and self-expression through sustainable fashion. She also enjoys reading, photography, video games, and trying new recipes.

Jackson Harris (He/Him) | Social Media

Jackson Harris (he/him) is on OutWrite’s social media team. He is a fourth year Psychology major and Professional Writing and Music Industry minor. He loves designing concept photoshoots, stanning C-list singers everyone has heard of but no one takes seriously, and framing making TikToks as professional development.

Jessica Rose (She/Her) | Writer

Jessica Rose (she/her) is a writer and a first-year English major at UCLA. She loves writing, having published her debut novel “The World Above the Waves” in August of 2022. When she’s not writing, you can find her reading sapphic literature, playing d&d, or wherever her girlfriend is.

Jocelyn Diaz (She/They) | Writer

Jocelyn Diaz (she/they) is a writer at OutWrite. She is a fourth-year English major and Education Studies minor. She is passionate about finding good deals at thrift stores, boba, and, of course, reading and writing!

Juliet Clark (She/Her) | Writer

Juliet Clark (she/her) is a writer at OutWrite. She is a third year English major. She believes that we exist to create art, and also in aliens.

Kaden Phan(He/Him) | Artist

Kaden (he/him) is an artist at OutWrite. He is a first year Psychology major. His interests include cats, digital illustration, typology (He’s an INFJ 3w2!), alternative rock, and K-pop.

Kel Yu (She/Her) | Artist

Kel Yu (she/her) is an artist at OutWrite. She is a first year Civil Engineering major and avid animator and storyteller. She loves building with Legos, collecting stickers, and generally obsessing over various forms of animated media.

Len Park (They/Them) | Artist, Writer

Len Park (they/them) is an artist and a writer at OutWrite. They are a first year sociology major and loves all forms of storytelling. In their art, they display their dry humor, odd symbolism, and depictions a possible reality if we asked ourselves “why not?”

Maddie McEwen (She/They) | Photographer

Maddie McEwen (she/they) is a third year Environmental Science major and Conservation Biology minor. She’s a photographer for OutWrite with a passion for native biodiversity, social activism and sustainability. They love hanging out with their cats and running a flourishing Stardew Valley farm in their spare time.

Marc Cabilangan (He/Him) | Writer, Artist

Marc Cabilangan (he/him) is a writer and an artist at OutWrite and a first-year Political Science major. He loves animals, gummy candy, history, and cheesy YA romance novels. When he isn’t studying or reading, he’s probably crying over another pug post on Instagram.

Mary Nassar (She/Her) | Writer

Mary Nassar (she/her) is a writer at OutWrite. She is a second year English major planning to minor in LGBTQ Studies and a lover of the written word. She loves to rave about queer media, write short stories and poetic prose, unwind at the gym, and listen to Julia Michaels!

Maya Balakrishnan (She/They) | Artist

Maya Balakrishnan (she/they) is an artist at OutWrite. She is a third year Computer Science major who is passionate about using tech to make the world a better place. She also loves decorating cakes, watching video essays, and listening to all kinds of music.

Maya Parra (She/Her) | Copy Editor

Maya Parra (she/her) is a copy editor and writer at OutWrite. She is a third year English and Communication double major. She loves listening to music, reading classics and thrillers, and watching movies (especially Studio Ghibli ones).

Melissa Vera (She/They) | Writer

Melissa Vera (she/they) is a writer at OutWrite. She is a first year History major and believes in the power of using written word to invoke change. They love poetry, music, and spending time with their dogs.

Mia Dowdell (She/Her) | Layout

Mia D (she/her) is layout staff at OutWrite. She’s a first year English major with hopes to pursue a second major in Communications. She can be found writing poetry or reflecting on how Succession changed her brain chemistry.

Michel Weiner (He/Him) | Copy Editor

Michel W (he/him) is a copy editor for OutWrite. He is third year Classics major and double minoring in Music Industry and Musicology. In his free time he likes to sing, song-write, and spend time with his cats.

Mia Reider (She/Her) | Writer

M R (she/her) is a writer with OutWrite and is going into her fourth year of school. She is a Philosophy and History double major who loves cartoons and horror video games.

Niki Senthil (She/Her) | Copy Editor

Niki Senthil (she/her) is a copy editor at OutWrite. She is a first year Computer Science and Engineering major. In her free time, Niki enjoys singing, working out, listening to r&b, writing bad poetry, and reading good poetry (and prose).

Ruth Torrence (She/Her) | Layout

Ruth Torrence (she/her) is on layout staff at OutWrite and a third-year Materials Science and Engineering major. As a Makerspace Technician, artist, and engineer, she is passionate believer in the importance of creating.

Sarah Belew (She/They) | Layout

Sarah Belew (she/they) is on layout staff at OutWrite, and a senior applied linguistics major at UCLA. She is passionate about design and writing, and loves her two cats, Pesto and Anomaly, in their free time.

Siri Suvvari (She/They) | Artist

Siri Suvvari (she/they) is an artist at OutWrite. She is a first year public affairs major with a passion for reading, visual arts, and crochet.

Soren Kaur (They/Them) | Artist

Soren Kaur (they/them) is a first year Psychology major and an artist at OutWrite. They love cats, art, seals, music, tv shows, and trinkets.

Steph Liu (She/Her) | Artist, Writer

Steph Liu (she/her) is an illustrator and writer for OutWrite. She is a fourth year Communication major. She’s also the music director of Pitch, Please! a cappella and likes watching historical fashion YouTube videos.

Taylor Kunin-Ur (She/Her) | Writer

Taylor Kunin-Ur (she/her) is a writer at Outwrite. She is a second year Psychology major with a passion for social change and justice. She loves books, the Warriors (NBA all day), and writing short stories.

Zora Lam (She/Her) | Copy Editor

Zora Lam (she/her) is a copy editor at OutWrite. She is a fourth year double-majoring in Anthropology and Spanish and minoring in LGBTQ Studies. She is passionate about uplifting queer and mixed-race voices and enjoys spending her free time hiking and listening to Kendrick Lamar.

Meet The Interns!

Ajax Ward(He/Him) | Writing Intern

Ajax (he/him) is a writing intern at OutWrite. He is a first-year History major and Classical Civilization minor who aspires to become a lawyer working in civil rights law. He is a first-generation college student who loves scrapbooking, weird earrings, reading, buffalo chicken, and drawing.

Charles LeBeau (He/Him) | Writing Intern

Charles LeBeau (he/him) is a writing intern at OutWrite. He’s a junior and a transfer from Santa Monica College, currently attending UCLA as a psychology major. He’s a fan of sudoku, horror conventions, and oldies on the radio.

Dalia Villalobos Jimenez (She/Her) | Copy Intern

Dalia Villalobos Jimenez (she/her) is a copy intern at OutWrite. She is a first year English major hoping to minor in professional writing. Her hobbies include baking, reading gothic novels, playing the guitar, and going to local cafés!

Demi Saleeb (They/Them) | Illustrations Intern

Demi Saleeb (they/them) is an illustrations intern for OutWrite. They are a gender-non conforming student, and a third year Design Media Arts major at UCLA, with goals to pursue psychology and film. They are deeply passionate about the arts and social justice, as well as drawing, acting, writing, and Attack on Titan.

Ivory Morales (They/Them) | Illustrations & Writing Intern

Ivory Morales (they/them) is an illustrations and writing intern at OutWrite. They are a second year Geology major, ex-art major, with a special interest in Paleontology. They’re probably thinking about cats, clowns, or fossil hunting.

Gabriella Silverman (They/She) | Copy Intern

Gabriella Silverman (they/she) is a copy intern at OutWrite, and a third year physiological science major. They love reading, geography, and constantly checking the front page of the New York Times.

Luna Choi (She/They) | Writing Intern

Luna Choi (she/they) is a writing intern at OutWrite. She is a second year History major and a lover of cats, movies, and playing chess.

Natalie Muñoz (She/Her) | Layout Intern

Natalie Muñoz (she/her) is a layout intern at OutWrite. She is a first year Human Biology and Society major and is passionate about queer healthcare, live music, and cappuccinos.

Rhea Morita (They/Them) | Copy Intern

Rhea Morita (they/them) is a copy intern at OutWrite and a first-year English major planning to minor in Creative Writing. They love all things sapphic, particularly WLW literature. When they’re not creative writing, they’re spending time with their two cats or ranting about queer media to anyone who’ll listen.

Samantha Reavis (She/Her) | Writing Intern

Samantha Reavis (she/her) is a writing intern at Outwrite and a first year ethnomusicology major. She is extremely passionate about arts and entertainment writing.

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