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Gay Men Need Diapers: WTF?

Wooden: Gay Men Need Diapers

A bible-thumping pastor from the South said something homophobic this week.  Big surprise.  But go ahead, watch the whole video and and feel gag at the outrgeousness (or, if you”re a cynic like me, chuckle a bit).

Patrick Wood spewed a real gem in an interview with Peter LaBarbera, the founder of the Christian watchdog group Americans For the Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH).

There is very little I can add, besides admitting how terribly I have been misinformed.  “Bleeders” are men who are not turned off by ingesting the feces of other men- that are a new one.

Oh, and the liberal media and medical practitioners are involved in a national conspiracy to cover up the reconstructive surgeries necessary to correct damage of those “wicked” acts.

Buttplugs are actually made to contain the incontinence of gay homosexuals.  Where in hell is this dude getting his information? Seems to me Mr. Wooden has been pondering anal sex a little bit too zealously.

But more importantly, I managed to discern two lessons from this prehistoric biology lesson.  The most dire of which is the authority of this speaker: he has none! And yet people listen to him, people in the faraway country of North Carolina.

Children will grow up learning this and adults who have never given anal sex a second thought will accept this as the truth.  Charisma and a moral panic can go far farther than factual information ever will.

The second point hits closer to home: how truly informed are we who are certain this guy is full of shit?  Sure, we smirk at the thought of the sacredness of sperm.  However, should a legitimately curious person ask, would we be capable of correcting every misconception about anal intercourse?  Learn the facts and share the knowledge.

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