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Orphan Black’s Hot Lesbian

If you fell in love with Netflix’s lesbianic original series, Orange is the New Black only to find that the season was over before you could bat an eyelash, then Orphan Black is the new show for you.

Co-created by Graeme Manson (“Flashpoint”), and John Fawcett (“Spartacus”), this science fiction drama premiered on BBC America earlier this year.

Tatiana Maslany (“Cas & Dylan,” “Picture Day”) quite literally steals the show. Playing seven different characters and often sharing screen time with herself, Maslany shines as the four main characters—Sarah Manning, a badass orphan trying to change her ways, Alison Hendrix, a straight laced soccer mom, Helena, the “dark angel,” and Cosima Hiehaus, a sexy scientist.

The show begins when Sarah Manning witnesses the suicide of a woman who looks exactly like her. While attempting to steal the unknown woman’s identity, Manning uncovers a dangerous world of hidden human experimentation and secret alliances.

The structure of the series is spot on; the characters are introduced gradually, individual loyalties remain uncertain, and secrets are revealed in the knick of time. Although the show deals with futuristic subject matters it is set in modern day Toronto, Canada. This ensures a relatable script and may or may not also result in the lingering suspicion that secret experiments do in fact exist.

But perhaps the best part of Orphan Black is the lesbian character, Cosima. Rocking impeccably maintained dreads, sexy librarian glasses, and a seemingly infinite knowledge of science, chances are that Cosima will be on every queer girl’s radar. The best part? There’s even a girl on girl love scene when she falls for a straight girl with questionable loyalties.

Whether you’re in it for the science fiction, the kick ass female characters, or the hot queer girl, Orphan Black should hold a well earned place on your “to watch” list.

Sadly, the show has yet to come to American cable, but is available for download via Amazon Instant, iTunes, and GooglePlay. Season two is set to premiere on BBC America in March 2014.

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