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On Acceptance, Comfort, and Pride: A Reflection on LGBTQ Week at UCLA

It’s hard for me to say the word “proud” when it comes to my sexuality. I’ve always been impressed by people who seem to unapologetically embrace their LGBTQ identities. At the same time, I’m acutely aware that I’m still far away from being able to do that.

Too often, I dwell on the discomfort I still feel rather than the progress I’ve made. But in a reflection of LGBTQ Pride Week at UCLA, I want to recognize some small accomplishments I am thankful for.

1. Not having to pretend I agree, disagree, or care at all when a friend says,

“That guy is cute.”

2. Casually coming out to my coworker after he asked if I had a boyfriend

3. Making sure my apartment-mates know that the only reason I watch The

Bachelor with them is because of the 3000 cute girls on one screen

5. Going on my first date with a real life human girl (!!!)

6. Having more good days than bad

7. Realizing how beautiful women really are and being lucky enough to appreciate that

This week, I won’t let myself minimize these accomplishments. I’m thankful because no matter how simple they may be, one year ago, they were unimaginable to me.

Wherever you are in this process – whether you’re still working to understand your identity or you’re frolicking in a meadow somewhere – please remember that you deserve to celebrate all your good moments, big and small.

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Amy Wang is a 4th year Business Economics major and Education Studies Minor at UCLA. One of her greatest fears since childhood has been accidentally stepping on a sidewalk crack and breaking her momma’s back. If you ever find yourself looking for a dedicated gym buddy to keep you accountable, you should definitely not call Amy because she’ll probably navigate you to the nearest taco truck instead.

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