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Racism in the Drag Race Fandom

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  1. Astrid says:

    Amazing article, Austin!

    “He wouldn’t have had that reaction and she wouldn’t have garnered the aforementioned unequivocal support of black Drag Race alumni if there wasn’t a history of just that happening among the fans.”

    This is an issue so many of us people of color can relate to.

    I found this dynamics similar to that age old trope of a woman in a relationship with a man and how they argue. Cis straight women in modern day heteroromantic relationship, can attest to this worry that the validity of their experience will be dismissed by men who use their normal emotional reaction to something objectively inappropriate as some sort of evidence that they are just “a crazy lady.” Some call it gaslighting.

    This drama is another example that being queer/ally is not mutually exclusive from being problematic. The fandom let us down.
    We should all strive to do much better. White, white-passing queers and drag queens should use their platforms to speak up and help drag queen of color get credit when it’s due.