Author: Austin Rose

Beyond Male & Female

“We need to move beyond male and female.” So argued my cisgender Sociology/Gender Studies professor in my Gender and Work course last week when we were discussing occupational segregation (the trend of men and women tending to work in different occupations and industries). How refreshing, I thought, how great to finally hear a professor go […]

A Problem With Gossip

“Is he BI?” “Do you think she’s into girls?” “He has such a lisp—he must be gay.” We have reached a fascinating point in queer history in which peoples’ sexual orientations are often no longer hush-hush but rather the subject of intense speculation. When we meet someone new, we tend to internalize our own perception […]

Spotlight on UCLA: The Williams Institute

Despite its compelling message, I feel that our queer generation has forgotten this message and instead succumbed to believing the stereotype that gay people are only in WeHo, San Francisco, and similar explicitly gay-friendly urban areas. The Williams Institute’s Census Snapshots of the United States and of each individual state reveal that there is much truth behind “we are everywhere” and that same-sex couples truly do reside in nearly every pocket of the country.