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Glee’s Problematic Representation of Bisexuality and Why Brittany’s “Bicorn” Comment Doesn’t Fix It

Whether you’ve caught every episode that has ever aired or just caught a few of the songs blasting out of your obnoxious roommate’s headphones (who downloads every single song and refuses to keep the volume at any lower than ninety), it is remarkably unlikely that there are many people in America who have not interacted with TV’s “Glee” in some way.

A Minute of Your Time: Notes from the Canvassing Trail

The door standing in front of me is worn with age. It may have once been a pleasant shade of blue, but its extended life has stripped it of color. This weary door is my most daunting enemy. All I…

Book Review: Keeping You A Secret by Julie Ann Peters

The first time I ever saw Julie Ann Peters’ Keeping You a Secret was at the foot of my mom’s bed, face up and daunting. The image on the cover might have inspired less wariness if my mother hadn’t already informed me of the contents of the book, because I knew the image was not simply indicative of two female characters. It was indicative of two female characters in love.

One Moment, One Life: Alive

I’ve always said that New York winters were bone-chilling, but I never really knew what it meant to be left ravaged by the cold, with no place to seek asylum. I never knew what it meant to cower behind bushes in hopes of escaping even a fraction of the merciless winds.

Happily Ever After

It’s obvious, right away—though he wears a suit in the middle of a party of suits-wearing men, he cannot quite hide the length of the sleeves, which come up just a bit too far past his wrist, or that little stain almost tucked away on the inside of his collar. His posture is rigid, but unpracticed, and time and time again he has to force himself upright. It isn’t much, really—just a miniscule straightening of his shoulders, an upward jerk of his chin every few minutes. It might’ve been less noticeable if everyone else in the room hadn’t been doing that since midway through their terrible twos.


“For treasonous crimes committed against the kingdom and the kingdom’s royal family, particularly against persons Queen Annabella Rousseau and King Jacques Rousseau, you, Cassandra Urquart, are hereby sentenced to death by hanging.”Cassandra, seated behind the bars of a dungeon and…

One Moment, One Life: Intolerable

Have you ever just been walking down the street and seen someone, a stranger maybe, and just imagined a life with them? This series is about that idea, a collection of random sightings and the stories that follow. The luggage…