Author: Kayla VernonClark

Feminism, The Swimsuit Edition: Forging a New Miss America?

Of the institutions and events in the United States that might be admired for leading the charge toward equality, beauty pageants are not likely to be considered among them. In a culture that is overwhelmingly, unbearably concerned with the manufactured female beauty of magazine covers and TV screens, beauty pageants seem only to echo these […]

UCLA Spotlight: Women’s Bodies, Women’s Votes, With Gloria Steinem

On October 7, 2012, Gloria Steinem came to UCLA to offer a lecture called “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Votes,” and, amidst the crowded hall in Broad (one which she would comment later as disliking—as she does many of the places she lectures—for its inherent hierarchical (and thus inherently patriarchal) structure, a kind of nostalgia for the […]