Paheli (She/Her)
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Paheli (she/her) is a former illustrator at OutWrite, a Biomathematics PhD Graduate researching neuron cell geometry and function, and a consultant at the Graduate Writing Center at UCLA. She love making art in a variety of mediums including digital, acrylics, water color, and colored pencils. Her favorite queer artists to listen to are Raveena, Hope Tala, and Clairo. She is part of the Class of 2023.

Birds of a Feather

It started with a Facebook message between two bubbly freshmen-to-be: two California-born Indian girls bonding over Bollywood and books. One message led to another, and we decided to submit a roommate request form to live together in the dorms. It was our first time living away from the home-cooked food of our Indian families. Our shared heritage was what gave us a pocket of familiarity within unfamiliarity.


A poem recounting a personal experience with queerness and trauma and coming to terms with it.