Author: Sergio Garcia


So I had gotten myself a new boyfriend. The perfect scenario all girls dream of: some ridiculously hot guy randomly deciding to commit on the first date. What more could I ask for? Terence was so great, he even liked some things about me I wasn’t too sure I liked very much myself. Terence thought […]


The most beautiful boy in the world lived in a castle in the sky with a mirror by his side. All alone, he wished on the full moon for a man who would make him happy. The moon heard his supplication and, taking pity on the boy, promised his wish would be granted. However, he […]

(Gay) Sex and the (Other) City

It’s only recently that I’m getting used to coming first – both in sex and in life. It’s probably because I’ve been used to coming second since birth. I grew up in Guadalajara, Mexico, the country’s second largest city. Now I live in Los Angeles, the American city with the silver medal; this sex blogger can’t afford New York or Manolo Blahniks. In the same way, when you’re a Gay, working-class, Latino man of barely-above-average looks, you always get stuck being the sidekick, just like in the movies. I’m a personal assistant who’s studied English for two years at the most prestigious university in Los Angeles, and I’m still washing dishes for a living – oh, the places where being Mexican takes you! In any case, sooner or later comes the day when you tire of not being the protagonist of your own life, and you take a chance.