Tiffany Tang
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Tiffany Tang is a first year muggle studying Neuroscience major from Taipei, Taiwan. She’s a dieheart Potterhead; when she’s not watching CSI and reading, she’s probably busy brainstorming about news articles or on her way to make some Earl Grey.

Kingdom in the Dark – Crystal Boys Book Review

Have you ever wondered where you actually belong, or where your heart leads you? Everyone deserves a place that they feel comfortable in, but if you’re still feeling lost and seeking that sense of belonging, Crystal Boys might be your…

And the Rainbow Echoes- 2017 Taiwan LGBTQ+ Pride

This year’s LGBTQ+ Pride parade has taken place recently, the largest one in Asia! Featured Image: Tens of thousands march in Taipei’s LGBT pride parade. The 15th annual Taiwan LGBT Pride parade took place on October 28th. With over 120,000 participants,…