UCLA Develops Awareness Against AIDS

On Tuesday May 6, the UCLA campus took part in the

Janet Mock’s Outrage for her Trans* Identity

On February 5, Janet Mock, a 29-year-old trans activist of color

The Safety of Restrooms

Restrooms are essential in our lives. Cisgender individuals, those who identify

Consent Week: LGBTQ Stats and Solutions: A Teach-In

On Tuesday night, 7000 in Solidarity continued its Consent Week with

Consent Week: Gender, Intersectionality, and the Media

On Monday night, as part of 7000 in Solidarity: Consent Week’s

World Spotlight: Nigeria

For the past years, the LGBT community has been striving to

UCLA Profile: 7000 in Solidarity A Campaign Against Sexual Assault

Students are rising against sexual violence this year with the establishment

What I Did For Love

  “Do you have to fuck someone in order to be

Too Gay for Town?

Of all the places in the country one might expect virulent

Gender Health: Coming Out

  “You must come out,” cried Harvey Milk in 1978, in