photo of Daffne Cruz, a latine nonbinary person
Queer Next Up: Daffne Cruz

Daffne Cruz (she/they) is an openly out queer high school administrator, photographer, model, Sharpe Stylist, and personal trainer. They advocate for authenticity in every capacity, and encourage others to be their true selves. She is multi-faceted and dedicated to help her community in every way possible.

illustration of three children surrounded by various pride flags and demons
Pedophilia Hysteria: How Did We Get Here?

To be frank, conservatives across the country are going hysterical. Far-right Republicans have co-opted the term “family-friendly” into a sensationalized rallying cry for concerned conservative parents. The purported link between pedophilia and queerness has created an uptick of anti-gay and anti-trans legislation that one NPR article even referred to as a “cascade.”

The Realities of (Mis)Representation

Graphic by Zoë Collins (She/Her) This article was originally published in our Winter 2022 Volume 1 zine “Queer Rage, Resistance, & Renaissance.“ We’re constantly told as queer people that representation matters. There is this pervasive narrative sold to us that…

My Body Is Not Your Political Playground

Photo by Caitlin Ochs/Reuters On Monday, May 2, 2022, documents leaked from the Supreme Court that Roe v. Wade would be struck down. This didn’t surprise me. For years, I knew that this was a possibility. Since the election of…

The Lavender Laws

A deep dive into the history of legal rights for the LGBTQ+ community in the United States

Evolution of the TERF: An Analysis of The Feminist Mystake (Fall 2013)

Graphic by Christopher Ikonomou (Xe/He) *This article is a modern analysis of the themes and content of “The Feminist Mystake“ (Fall 2013), the seventh installment of our From The Archive series.* “To speak of trans and feminist theories and activism as…

The Danger of “Traditional Values”: An Analysis of From Russia With Hate (Fall 2013)

Photo from @ukraine.pride on Instagram *This article is a modern analysis of the themes and content of “From Russia With Hate“ (Fall 2013), the sixth installment of our From The Archive series.* **Trigger warning: violent queerphobia** Since the passing of the…

It’s Not a Phase: Attacks on the Rights of Trans Youth

Photo from Dallas Morning News There is an ongoing increase in legislative attacks on the transgender community in the United States, especially targeting transgender youth. According to the Human Rights Campaign, in 2015 there were a total of 19 anti-transgender…

“Risk vs. Stigma”: Inherent Homophobia in U.S. Blood Donation

Graphic by Zoë Collins (She/Her) In January of 2022, the American Red Cross declared that the United States was in the midst of its worst blood shortage in decades. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic with more positive cases every day, the…