7 Reasons Why Catholicism is the Gayest Religion Ever

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  1. The Logos says:

    This is the silliest, and the most superficial description of Christianity I’ve ever had the non-privilege to read. It’s an embarrassment, and a tasteless study of the modern-day surface-mentality of mainstream ‘gaydom’. And I say this as a non-heterosexual man. And of course, being as un-avant garde as possible, the Messiah in the first picture is depicted as the all-too familiar (and boring) Ken doll with long hair and a beard hailing from the mountain slopes of Scandinavia.

    Try something more innovative and less tedious, with both the images *and* words.

    1. Alexander says:

      @ The Logos This is the writer’s own experience with intersectionality between his faith and sexuality, who are you to call it tasteless? Also, this is an article about Catholicism, not Christianity; read articles (or at least the title) before you critique them.

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