Author: Gabriel Hongsdusit

ABC: F is for Femme Visibility

I’ve always been a little feminine. One day, while talking to my friend in 8th-grade after school, her little brother came up to me and asked “Why do you talk like a girl?” I didn’t know how to respond. On numerous occasions, people have said  “Oh I’m not surprised” after I come out to them. […]

Why You Should be Watching Amazon’s Transparent

Amazon’s new TV series shows that transgender storylines don’t have to revolve around prostitution or CSI body bags. If you’re looking for positive queer representation on television, it’s time to turn off the cable and go to your on-demand streaming service. First, Netflix released the sharp, yet charismatic Orange is the New Black in 2013, […]

Sugar Grandpa

  His name was Barry, but since Donald had told me his name was Brett, I wasn’t sure it was him. In a gruff voice, he murmured, “Nice to meet you” as I shook his firm, calloused hand. So this was the Barry (or Brett?) that Donald had constantly talked about. I could now fully […]

Gender Carthsis

“Call me ‘he,’ call me ‘she,’ just call me ‘me!’” -RuPaul “Oh my god, I can’t believe we actually had guys in our dorm! I feel like I’m going to be so social this year,” one of my girlfriends exclaims after three guys leave her dorm room. It is a Thursday night and I am […]