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Queer Halloween Playlist

This year, Halloween came upon me rather suddenly, like a wisp of smoke blown over from a DTLA factory across the wind. Or something. Back home, the decaying smell of leaves as they gradually lost their livelihood and faded into a cornucopia of reds and browns marked the tidings of the seasons. In the midst of the unchanged city, I’ve employed my favorite tracks by queer and/or female artists to help me ease into the mindset of the season. Because after all, Halloween lingers on for more than just a lonesome day. Have a safe and spooky Halloween!

1. Self-described as “ethereal gay ghosts, flitting and hidden; glittery” Massachusetts-based band Loone is a necessity on any comprehensive queer halloween playlist. Check out their self-titled album!

2. Badass Australian girl band Little May released this haunting cover of Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Skeleton” just a few days ago and I can’t stop listening to it. If you’re seeking a Halloween anthem that will prompt an unjustified sense of longing, look no further than this gentle torch.

3. If I had to pick one song that has carried me through years of eventful Halloween festivities, it would be Broadcast’s 2005 release, “Black Cat”. The monotonous vocals and looped undertones make this track truly unforgettable.

4. Another timeless Halloween must-have is Chairlift’s Ghost tonight. The manner in which lead singer Caroline Polachek lingers on each word is reminiscent yet empowering, with a pained sensibility of darkness that carries throughout.

5. Who says girl-power and fright can’t go hand-in-hand? The Black Bells, a “garage goth” girl band emulate spook in their bewitching performances. Talk about aesthetic.

6. Hollow and sultry, Cults’ Madeline Follin’s vocals are utterly captivating.

7. Marika Hackman, “Deep Green”

8. Johanna Newsome, “The Book of Right-On”


*Featured image taken from Google Images.*

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