Dungeon Do’s and Don’ts – A Guide to One’s First Foray Into Public Kink

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  1. Cierra Jones says:

    Where and how do you find these dungeons?

  2. Mz Puppet says:

    Google bro.

  3. How do you find someone who is also interested in the BDSM life and are looking for a submissive/dom to do play with? And is there BDSM clubs all over the world or just in L.A. ?

  4. Subkitty73 says:

    FetLife is a great place to start meeting other kinky people. You’ll also find info there on local munches, workshops, and events. Getting involved with your local community will open more doors as you get to know some amazing, like-minded people.

    Thanks for this awesome article! I’ve been in the lifestyle for about 6 months and will be visiting my first dungeon with a potential Dom thiscevening just to observe.

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