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Why Fitting in Keeps Us from Standing Out

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  1. Michael G. Williams says:

    Fantastic article. This really helps me explain to straight friends why I’m a little soured by their fandom for the department-store-window-display version of polite and helpful gayness they can find in media marketed to straight audiences. Thank you!

  2. Lefty Throckmorton says:

    If you and other LGBT people want to see ‘genuine’ (according to you) storylines in film, TV, and videogames, you all have to start parcipitating in the entertainment industry by becoming directors, writers, and producers (you can start by creating web shows like Kinda TV’s Carmilla.) Wishing for this goal to happen and acting as over-the-shoulder creators (backseat drivers, in the creative sphere) telling writers of TV and movies what to write and how to write isn’t the way to go.