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Love Potion

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  1. martha says:

    Cole! I love this story and thank you for sharing part of yourself x. I really resonate with you in a contrary sort of way… was always scared to wear nail polish or put on jewelry for fear it would feminize me. (I’m over that now, thankfully). I didn’t want to validate others’ belief that I am a woman. (also cool with that now, hah). I love that your narrative addresses societal pressures and expectations, and that ultimately we can rise above them if we practice a certain way of thinking and performing.

    Dancing and music is always the way to one’s heart and soul. Love it!

  2. Chivaughn Charles says:

    I honestly cried. The quote “Instead, it was with someone I have always wanted to love but somehow have never had the courage to until then: me” really got me 😭 wonderful writing