Cole Elliott
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Cole Elliott is currently a Human Biology and Society major at UCLA with a possible minor in Gender Studies and Public Health. They have no clue what their plan is after college but hey, it be like that sometimes. For now, you can usually find them laughing way too loudly with friends, playing the french horn, napping around campus (everyone knows the sculpture garden is the supreme napping spot), or probably having a mini breakdown. Some of their favorite things include sunflowers, vertical striped shirts, bright colored nail polish, and mint tea.


Graphic by Chris Ikonomou   Do you ever look at your reflection and have absolutely no fucking clue who the person is staring back at you?    Sometimes my reflection is a stranger Unfamiliar to me,  and the only thing…

Love Potion

Graphic by Vi  Summer break after my sophomore year of high school. It was the first time my parents left me home alone while they went on a trip. I was going to be alone for about a week, and…