Isabel Fall: Casualty in the Fight for Good Representation

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  1. Jan S says:

    I just found this opinion piece during a search on Isabel Fall, after reading an article on Tor.com on 10 stories written by trans writers. Fall’s “Helicopter” wasn’t one of the selected works, but it was mentioned in the comments. It got me wondering what Fall was up to, which led to the search, and here I am. Very pleased to have found your article. It’s a clear-sighted, thorough examination of what happened to the story and the writer that lays bare what still needs to be worked on within the science fiction community. Thank you very much for writing it. I find it heartbreaking that Ms. Fall has been lost as a writer and a person to the world because of ignorance and fear. Not knowing her current situation, I use her most recently known pronouns and name. I wish her the best. And if it matters, I’m a 67-yr-old widow and mother of one who’s been reading SF/F/H for over 45 years, and found Fall’s story both challenging and thought-provoking. It deserved far better than it got.

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