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The Taboo on Bondage

Graphic by Shay Suban Content Warning: Mentions of rape I find that stories of sexuality rarely begin at the start. Instead, they often begin with a realization, a breaking of the bubble, and retrospect floods in from there. This one…

5 Must-Have Sex Toys

Photo by Adam and Eve Brought to you by Adam and Eve. The sex toy industry continues to grow each year. In fact, it’s now valued at 15 billion dollars, but with so much growth comes innovation–and sometimes that innovation…

Rihanna and Chris Brown Together Again: Really?!?

After a few weeks of rumors and controversy, the collaborations between Rihanna and her abusive ex-boyfriend Chris Brown has finally been released. Whether you find this shameful or not, it’s time to “Talk that Talk” with Ri Ri.

Psych 137: A Lesson in Ignorance and Stereotypes

Walking into the most recent meeting, I was greeted by a surprising title slide projected in royal blue letters above my head: “Male or Female? Gay or Straight?” and the subtitle, “All of us are described by these two ‘binary’ factors.” When first reading this slide, I assumed there was some kind of mistake.

Dear Straight Boy in My English Class,

It’s true I sat down next to you, but you spoke to me first; you asked what shampoo I used. When you missed class, you asked me for my notes. And when I invited you over to review you spent…