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Five Must-Have Sex Toys

Brought to you by Adam and Eve.

The sex toy industry continues to grow each year. In fact, it’s now valued at 15 billion dollars, but with so much growth comes innovation–and sometimes that innovation is a little scary. Innovation also means the sex toy market is inundated with whole lot of different sex toys. Do you want to have sex with a toy that looks like a foot? No problem. Want to get a strap on made specifically for your forehead? You got it. Need a sex toy that was made with your dog’s enjoyment in mind? Oh yeah, it exists. With so many weird toys out there, how do you know what you really want and what you should get? Well luckily for you, I’ve compiled a short list of some of the go-to toys that every couple should invest in. You can move on to the forehead strap on once you’ve secured this list… Check out these toys and tell me what you thought I missed.

Finger Vibe
A finger vibe is great for when you want to show your partner a little extra something. Sure you could use a vibrator, but a finger vibe actually allows you to be apart of the process. You’ll be able to feel the way she’s reacting while kicking your finger play into high gear.

Under the Bed Restraint
This toy is perfect for any couple that is into adding a little light bondage into their routine. An under the bed restraint will allow you to bind your partner by the wrists or ankles or both! Restraint systems are great for teasing, trying new positions and trying out sub and dom role playing. They’re super easy to set up and an even easier to travel with. Get tied up where you go. Need bondage toys that are a little more intense? No worries, Adam & Eve has got you covered.

Sex Furniture
This may already seem impractical, but hear me out. Companies like Liberator make really great pieces of furniture and wedges that are designed specifically for sex. The wedges can allow you to get into different positions comfortably and even give you the ability to achieve deeper penetration. Go as big or as little as you want. Make it a permanent fixture in your home or have it be something you can tuck away in the closet. You’ll find that once you get one, you’ll want another and sex on a bed just won’t be the same.

Cock Ring
This little ring of plastic (or metal or leather) packs a major punch. It might be small, but it works wonders–especially if you go for a dual vibrating one. Slip one of these on the next time you’re going to get busy and you’ll find that you just doubled the pleasure that you and your partner receive. They are also great because they make erections harder and make them last longer. Who doesn’t want that?

G-Spot Vibrator
This might be the ultimate toy for any woman. If you’re going to invest in a standard vibrator, you should just go ahead and throw one of these in there too, because your standard vibrator can’t do what a g-spot vibrator does. These toys are made to exclusively target your g-spot. It doesn’t waste any time. They typically come with a thinner base and a wide vibrating end that will send you straight to orgasm town. Definitely consider getting one of these if you have never experienced a g-spot orgasm before. Don’t know how you find your g-spot? Start here.

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  1. Diid you know about 30% of ladies actually have a climax during sex.
    And that is where adult adult novelties come into the picture.
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