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Kink Korner: Consent

(Daddy and Kitten have teamed up on this article, since consent is pretty much the same for everyone!) Consent. It’s a topic that has been in the news a lot lately, especially surrounding the new “affirmative consent” rules at schools in California. Consent is a mandatory aspect of any physical or sexual encounter you have […]

Five Must-Have Sex Toys

Brought to you by Adam and Eve. The sex toy industry continues to grow each year. In fact, it’s now valued at 15 billion dollars, but with so much growth comes innovation–and sometimes that innovation is a little scary. Innovation also means the sex toy market is inundated with whole lot of different sex toys. […]


So I had gotten myself a new boyfriend. The perfect scenario all girls dream of: some ridiculously hot guy randomly deciding to commit on the first date. What more could I ask for? Terence was so great, he even liked some things about me I wasn’t too sure I liked very much myself. Terence thought […]