Ad Altiora Tendo

Graphic by Angela Zheng  The power of a star The light The warmth The weight of worlds collapsing under their own greatness You stir that feeling in me Even space and time bend in awe It felt right from the…


Graphic by Ian Haliburton   We were watching a movie, And I had never felt more comfort Than with your body next to mine, With your arm around my waist.   Our bodies touched, My heart fluttered, And I was…

Silence: A Poetic Reflection on Day of Silence

Illustration by Austin Wang Silence. A term of complete absence An all encompassing void Silence A form of resentment Internalized in fear Silence A state of disapproval Met with deaf ears Silence A form of oppression Born from outside and within…

Platonic Love and Adamantium-Based Mountains

On Valentine’s Day, the online newsmagazine Wear Your Voice: Intersectional Feminist Media published the article “Platonic Love: Relationships Are More than Just Sex.” ( hyperlink? The article goes into the importance and complexity of platonic relationships and creates the space…

The Reality of My Home

When I came out to my brother, he couldn’t understand why I seemed so scared to tell him. To him, it was clear-cut: if I was gay, then that was that, and how could I be any less than perfectly…


i can recall

the feeling of the carpet

under my boots

rooted to the ground

when you approached me

your eyes burning

and your gaze piercing

TranSpoken Word: The Quiet Struggle Expressed

The hum of voices in the crowded and softly lit Hedrick Fireside Lounge slowly faded out when the first performer tapped on the mic. Sitting in the back, I could see the audience seated in a semi-circle, leaning forward as…