Mad Tsai Presents “Stacy’s Brother”: An Interview With The Artist

Jonathan Tsai, a.k.a. Mad Tsai, never really expected fame. Tsai started his career as a bedroom pop artist posting music online, locked in his home during a worldwide pandemic with his ukulele and overwhelming emotions to work through. While he had a significant fanbase before the pandemic, Tsai’s audience dramatically increased during lockdown when TikTok surged in popularity.

Queer Next Up: juniper harwood

juniper harwood (xe/it) is a neuroqueer digital and textile artist, and beginner jewelry maker! Xyr art has a lot of nostalgic and colorful themes, and a focus on making things that are fun to look at and touch. Its work is informed by experiences of childhood trauma, rebirth and connection.

Queer Next Up: Kostis Fokas

Kostis Fokas (he/him), is a conceptual photographer from Athens, Greece whose artistic practice revolves around the exploration of the complexities of the human body.

The Mask of Anarchy

Illustrated by Chrys Marr (She/They) This illustration was originally published in our Winter 2022 Volume 1 zine “Queer Rage, Resistance, & Renaissance.“


A comic about feeling disconnected from queer community, history, and elders.

Candidly Cathartic with Cara Connors: A “Straight for Pay” Review and Interview

Photos by Andrew Max Levy “Basically, long story-short, [my ex-husband] wanted me to be like a housewife-type of person, you know, very traditional and, like, with the kids. And … I just really wanted him to be a woman. TURNS…

Censorship: Seeing Alex Donis

Artworks by Alex Donis This article was last updated on 4/17/22 at 1:32pm. Censorship of LGBTQ+ media throughout history and throughout the world is something that affects a lot of art and a lot of artists, a lot of people…

An Exploration of Euphoria: S2E5 “Stand Still Like the Hummingbird”

Image from @euphoria on Instagram on @hbo This is the fifth article in our series: “An Exploration of Euphoria.” To catch up on what you might’ve missed, check out last week’s article here. This series comes out on Sundays at…

If Walls Could Talk…

Photo by Zoë Collins (she/her) My hand drifted up against the wallFeeling each subtle groove and bumpInteract with my fingerprints,As if the wall was telling me a story,And I listened and told a story back. The wall said it knew…


Illustrated by Cole Lopez (They/Them) Called me by my name for the first time Today My name Given as a long-awaited gift Murmured under held breath A breath exhaled After decades of holding something sacred to a silent heart frightening…