This poem was originally published in our Spring 2022 print issue “Reflections of Radiance.”

we are
building a new life
painting a new life
writing a new life

“Filthy Animals”: An Exploration of Queer Sexuality and Masculinity

I recently read “Filthy Animals” by Brandon Taylor, which was released last year in 2021. I’d been looking to read more explicitly queer novels, ones that explored themes outside traditional YA themes. “Filthy Animals” is an exploration of queer sexuality and masculinity, a book that seems to understand the contradictions between all levels of queer identity. It is a book that aims to explore generational trauma, the past haunting its characters like an ambivalent ghost where the characters crave an intimacy they haven’t before. 

Candidly Cathartic with Cara Connors: A “Straight for Pay” Review and Interview

Photos by Andrew Max Levy “Basically, long story-short, [my ex-husband] wanted me to be like a housewife-type of person, you know, very traditional and, like, with the kids. And … I just really wanted him to be a woman. TURNS…

The Straight Agenda

Graphic by Kelly (She/Her) “Is there a name for women who like women?” my six-year-old daughter asked me recently. “Not like a friend ‘like,’ but like they want to marry each other,” she clarified, in case I wasn’t sure what…

Gays In Anime: Round Two – The Good: Another Introspective Look on the 2016 Anime “Yuri On Ice!!!”

Graphic by Chrys Marr (She/They) “Yuri On Ice!!!” is probably the most well known modern anime acclaimed for its LGBTQ+ themes and characters. Similar to “Given,” a show I talk about in more depth in my previous Gays In Anime…