Straight Women Rules: A Guide to Being the Perfect Lesbian®

There’s a lot of wondering and a lot of waiting. I understand what you might be feeling. I know that you’re biting your tongue, and always waiting till you make them uncomfortable.


A pair of unlikely friends caught in the pouring rain unpack a girl’s perhaps undeserved reputation.


Jenny and I met in the early days of middle school, when everyone was all acne and gangly legs, and got on like a gasoline-soaked house gets on with a match. Frankly, it was a nightmare for our parents. My mom, who I know had been quietly worrying about my ability to make friends, was suddenly unable to enter a shared space in our house without me bombarding her with requests to go to Jenny’s house, stories of something funny that Jenny had said at school today, of Jenny’s new puppy that she got last week.

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Graphic by Steph Liu (She/Her) touch me like I’m not a friend. Don’t touch me on the shoulder; or Do, as long as you mean it like “i want you” and not like i told a joke and you’re just…

Do You Listen to girl in red? The History and Modern Usage of Signaling in the WLW Community

Graphic by Christopher Ikonomou (Xe/He) Now, modern queer and WLW communities have adapted queer signaling to their own fashion and pop cultures. girl in red, a Norwegian indie pop band headed by WLW singer-songwriter Marie Ulven, is one of these…