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Download the Safe Sex Mobile App Now!!!!

Who doesn’t love sex?  But, what’s better than sex?  Safe Sex!  We at OutWrite support and encourage safe sex, and you should too!

Here is some great information about a cool new iPhone app on campus to help you out with your safe sexual adventures:

What does the SafeSex101 app provide for students?

SafeSex101 is a directory and advice app for students to explore their safe sex methods, birth control options, and STD testing services. The app is specifically for UCLA students with its list of clinics, doctors’ offices, and other resource centers being in and around Westwood.

Why did you want to make this app? 

I conceptualized this app last year, because I wanted to make apps for Bruins, as a Bruin. In the production stage, my team and I focused on what was helpful and applicable to students like us.Why is an app a better way to provide this information than say, a pamphlet or a web site?The app condenses all the information you might have to spend ages looking up on various websites. It’s localized to Westwood to only include places students can have easy access to. For example, for condoms, the app first lists locations on campus where students can go to get free condoms. For STD testing, the app recommends Ashe but also provides a directory of the locations closest to Westwood in the surrounding areas of LA.How does this app benefit LGBT students?
The SafeSex101 app is inclusive of all students at UCLA. That’s the great thing – the information can be used by anyone! And one of the app’s most recommended resources is the LGBT center.

What is the goal for this app?
Our goal for SafeSex101 is that it can educate and inform students. Along with Ashe, ORL events, and many other resources, we want to be another go-to for students. Our hope is that we can promote safe sex awareness by encouraging students to utilize the app!

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