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National Day of Transgender Remembrance

Photo by Ted Eytan/Creative Commons In 1969, a famous event happened at Stonewall Inn in New York, that most queers know and remember as one of the most important days in our history. It’s heralded as the start of the…

UCLA Spotlight: BBQueer

It’s an overcast day in Westwood, and it’s pretty quiet on campus. But in Sunset Rec, people are gathering to eat with, meet, and greet fellow queers. BBQueer was one of the last major events to finish off National Coming…


“Her name is Steve. I think I once loved her.” Is how I want to introduce her. But I don’t, I hold my tongue, twitching like a snake’s and my stupid heart slithers back into place. Down boy. “This is…

Ga(y)mers: A Queer Look at the State of the Gaming Industry

I like my videogames, but I would like them a lot more if they would stop being so blatantly homophobic and heteronormative.

Silence = Death: Lessons in AIDS Activism

Credit to ACT UP Over on Bruinwalk on a cold February day, at least three fundraisers are taking place. Most are for Dance Marathon, an event that enlists thousands of students to raise money to fight pediatric AIDS. They’re wearing…

Desperation is an Ugly Color.

Desperation is an ugly color on my bruised, aching skin. It’s a panel of screaming horrors driving away my fading illusion of comfort. “Take me! hold me! save me!” Me, me me, ignore all the others. Be my escape.

11/08: Queer Town Hall

It’s a Tuesday night on campus and a small classroom in Haines is bustling with people. There’re no professors about, and no food, but Queer alliance is hosting a public town hall event to discuss issues specifically facing the queer community on campus.

One Moment, One Life

Have you ever just been walking down the street and seen someone, a stranger maybe, and just imagined a life with them? This series is about that idea, a collection of random sightings and the stories that follow. There are…