Chrys Marr (She/They)
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Chrys Marr is an Art History Major and a senior at UCLA. They can be found scavenging through articles on JSTOR, reading horror novels, and doodling on the edges of their notebooks.

“Let’s Groove!”: OutWrite’s Gay Disco Playlist

Graphic by Chrys Marr (she/they) Listen to and save our very own Disco Playlist here! You can click the Spotify logo below to be sent there, too.

An Interview with Rio Romeo: Love, Valentine’s Day, and What It Means To Be An Artist

Contributing Authors:Emma Blakely (They/She/He)Charis Shargel (She/Her)Kristin Haegelin (She/Her)Chrys Marr (She/They) Photography by Charis Shargel (She/Her)Edited by Christopher Ikonomou (Xe/He) In my opinion, there are criminally few artists that make unapologetically, candidly lesbian songs. To name a couple: Hayley Kiyoko, girl…