Chrys Marr (She/They)
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Chrys Marr is an Art History Major and a senior at UCLA. They can be found scavenging through articles on JSTOR, reading horror novels, and doodling on the edges of their notebooks.

Love Conquers All

Illustrated by Chrys Marr (She/They) This illustration was originally published in our Winter 2022 Volume 2 print issue “Wanting: A Queer Beauty & Burden.“

The Mask of Anarchy

Illustrated by Chrys Marr (She/They) This illustration was originally published in our Winter 2022 Volume 1 zine “Queer Rage, Resistance, & Renaissance.“

For Queers By Queers: A Spoiler-Free Fire Island Review

Still from Jeong Park/Searchlight Pictures Written by stand-up comic, writer, actor, and gay man Joel Kim Booster and directed by Andrew Ahn, “Fire Island” (2022) brings together a classic romance and the glitter-covered queer party scene off the shore of…

The Lavender Laws

A deep dive into the history of legal rights for the LGBTQ+ community in the United States

“Let’s Groove!”: OutWrite’s Gay Disco Playlist

Graphic by Chrys Marr (she/they) Listen to and save our very own Disco Playlist here! You can click the Spotify logo below to be sent there, too.

Gays In Anime: Round Two – The Good: Another Introspective Look on the 2016 Anime “Yuri On Ice!!!”

Graphic by Chrys Marr (She/They) “Yuri On Ice!!!” is probably the most well known modern anime acclaimed for its LGBTQ+ themes and characters. Similar to “Given,” a show I talk about in more depth in my previous Gays In Anime…

An Interview with Rio Romeo: Love, Valentine’s Day, and What It Means To Be An Artist

Photography by Charis Shargel (She/Her)Edited by Christopher Ikonomou (Xe/He Co-Written by Emma Blakely (They/She/He), Charis Shargel (She/Her), Kristin Haegelin (She/Her), and Chrys Marr (She/They) In my opinion, there are criminally few artists that make unapologetically, candidly lesbian songs. To name…

Isabel Fall: Casualty in the Fight for Good Representation

Graphic by Chrys Marr (she/they) As queer folks, we strive for decent representation in media. We want to uplift our voices, make sure our stories are seen and heard. It is understandable that we are defensive of who’s allowed to…

a queer friend in need

Graphic by Chrys Marr (She/They) sometimes you just need a queer friend in your life.  a queer friend that is always by your side. someone that checks on you to see if you’re okay. someone that is always there to listen…

Gays in Anime: The Good, The Bad, and The Beautiful – An Introspective Look on the 2019 Anime “Given”

Illustrated by Chrys Marr (She/They) **Trigger Warning: mentions of suicide** Gays. Anime. Some may think they don’t overlap, but in fact, there is a rich division of anime known for and characterized by its LGBTQ+ themes. The last few years…