Author: Emily Dearborn

“History, Hardships, & Unheard Voices” of Queer Resilient Beings: A Kerckhoff Exhibit

Photo from  “Snapshot Into Queer Life: History, Hardships, & Unheard Voices” exhibit The week of March 6th to the 10th, the pale walls of central campus’s Kerckhoff Art Gallery were once again decked with multimedia artistic expressions from the UCLA and wider Los Angeles communities – but this time the theme linking reimagined neckties, sparkly sheer fabric, […]

“This Is What Resistance Looks Like” at UCLA and Beyond

illustration by Emily Dearborn and Liana Kindler On February 15th, renowned gender theorist, philosopher, and professor Judith Butler delivered a guest lecture at UCLA hosted by the RAVE organization, a UCLA faculty group dedicated to “Resistance Against Violence Through Education” formed in the immediate wake of Donald Trump’s election to the United States Presidency. Judith […]