Steph Liu (She/Her)
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Steph Liu (she/her) is an Illustrator and Writer for OutWrite. She is a third year Communication major. She's also the music director of Pitch, Please! a cappella and likes watching historical fashion YouTube videos.

Do Progressive High Schools Facilitate Queer Joy?

In the fall, I discussed how internalized homophobia produced complicated feelings about my old middle school’s increasingly progressive attitudes towards queer identities and rising numbers of “out” queer students. I unpacked my slight resentment toward those queer students, who seem to have an easier time exploring their queer identities out in the open since they exist in a less oppressive environment. 

Tied Too Tight

Illustrated by Steph Liu (She/Her) This comic was originally published in our Winter 2022 Volume 2 print issue “Wanting: A Queer Beauty & Burden.“

Back in My Day, We Stayed Closeted in Middle School

Illustrated by Steph Liu (She/Her) This article was originally published in our Winter 2022 Volume 1 zine “Queer Rage, Resistance, & Renaissance.“ Personally, middle school is neither a place nor a period of my life I ever need to revisit,…


A comic about feeling disconnected from queer community, history, and elders.

Pedestal to Villification Pole: Dehumanization in Online Queer Representation

Graphic by Steph Liu (She/Her) There is no doubt that queer people have made incredible strides in terms of visibility over the past decade alone, and the Internet enabled a lot of the progress the community has made. Queer content…

Gay Awakening

Illustrated by Stephanie Liu (She/Her)