Zoë Collins (She/Her)
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Zoë Collins (she/her) is a former Managing Editor at OutWrite and a former photographer on the Graphics team. She is a Marine Biology major who has a passion for intersectional environmentalism and using storytelling to advocate for sustainability. She is part of the Class of 2023.

Queer Fashion Staff Features

Photos by Zoë Collins/OutWrite Interviews by Min Kim/OutWrite This series was originally published in our Winter 2023 print issue “Culture.” Min Kim (They/Them) “Trends never really do dictate whether you’re dressing fashionably or not.” “[Fashion] enables me to put into…

1980s Lesbian Modernism Rage Collage

Created by Zoë Collins This collage was originally published in our Fall 2022 print issue “Satanic Panic.“

Whale Cart

Created by Zoë Collins (She/Her) This piece was originally published in our Spring 2022 print issue “Reflections of Radiance.“

Queer Spaces in Outdoor Places: An Examination and Reflection of Green Space Inequities in Los Angeles

Today’s discussions of environmental science almost always touch on environmental justice and inequities, and for good reason. Green space (any space covered in trees, grass, or shrubbery) is extremely beneficial to communities in more ways than one. Research shows us that access to parks and green space is a significant health factor and has been linked to increased general health, lower mortality, and healthier babies because green space reduces air pollution, encourages healthier practices like exercising and sleeping, and relieves stress. Outdoor spaces are important in many other ways, too.

Achilles Lamenting The Death of Patroclus Queered

This series of photos was originally published in our Winter 2022 Volume 1 zine “Queer Rage, Resistance, & Renaissance.“ This photoshoot queers the iconic painting “Achilles Lamenting The Death of Patroclus” (Gavin Hamilton, 1963). Credits:Photographer: Zoë Collins (She/Her)Editor: Christopher Ikonomou…

“Risk vs. Stigma”: Inherent Homophobia in U.S. Blood Donation

Graphic by Zoë Collins (She/Her) In January of 2022, the American Red Cross declared that the United States was in the midst of its worst blood shortage in decades. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic with more positive cases every day, the…

On 2021’s Hate Crimes and A Tribute To The Lives Lost: An Analysis of To Live and Get Bashed In America! (October 1988)

Graphic compiled by Christopher Ikonomou (Xe/He) *This article is a modern analysis of the themes and content of “To Live And Get Bashed In America” (October 1988), the second installment of our From the Archive series.* The graphic instances of…

Lesbian Witches

Photo of the Massa Marittima Mural in Italy **Content Warning: violence, homophobia, misogyny** Historically, the queer community has flourished during holidays like Halloween. It is the night where identity is clouded, irregularities are cherished, and the things that scare us…

Starfish, Gay Sex, and Queer Ecology

Photo by Zoë Collins (She/Her) I’ve long been plagued by the idea that my sexuality is “unnatural.” Unnatural is a funny word. Simply defined, it is the scope of anything outside of the ordinary course of nature. But when you…