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i can recall

the feeling of the carpet

under my boots

rooted to the ground

when you approached me

your eyes burning

and your gaze piercing


then, quietly, you slid your body down my frame

your head resting back with ecstasy,

i was so afraid

i let my hands rest noncomittally on your hips

and followed the rolling

and moving and sliding

until one hand couldn’t help but grip you a little tighter

and then the other

pulling you closer

and feeling you hotter and hotter

as your back began to arch and twist

spine turning your hips

grinding into me

your ass felt perfect

but i still pretended

then your hand

slipping fingers through my fingers

just barely

and out of sight

the whole room was elsewhere

and us at the center

one being

so i smiled and sighed onto your neck

feeling your skin prickle and your hips thrust further into my bones

holding you by your hip flexors

underneath thin clothes and thinner skin

pure and bony

i gripped you tightly

and then suddenly couldn’t resist

the urge to hear you in your paradise

to feel your body pulsing with desire, pressed into mine and burning together

i felt my hand slip beneath your waistline, just for a moment, and you submitted

turning your hips faster and pushing them into me, winding yourself gracefully across my body

making me crave you

turning your head, i caught the smell of your hair

woody and fresh

and you reached your arm up

and took hold of the back of my head

grinding your body into me

i looked down at my hands gripping you just barely

on your creamy inner thigh

and saw your contracting muscles


as you worked your body down, up and all over me

a fine mist of sweat on your legs

and around the thin cloth

and as your arms gripped my head, i noticed your shirt peeling away

your hair filled me with smells

as i breathed out i saw your mouth as you turned to look at me shyly

then arched your neck so my lips brushed your eager skin

our eyes burned with passion

out of control

you threw yourself to me

and i grasped you, pulling you in

but our faces dared each other

we couldnt meet eyes or we’d have to run

and go fucking insane

because we’d never felt this way and

were dying to be bad

my lips grazed your ear

and i nibbled softly with an exhale that made you shake

i longed to throw you on the wall and violently fuck you because i felt your skin respond to my touch, pulling me in and begging for more

i still remember the feeling of

longing to grip you, touch you, keep you, free you until you lost yourself


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