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Four UCLA Bathrooms That Are Actually Gay Cruising Spots

Ah, Gay cruising, one of the gay male community’s favorite pastimes (and we’re not talking about the type with bottomless mimosas and Rosie O’Donell.) The recent strides in LGBTQ rights have lessened the pressure to stay in the closet, so we don’t hear much of it these days, but that doesn’t mean scandalous acts of sodomy aren’t happening down the hallway from your discussion. Cruising offers many benefits for those who are into that sort of scene, from the excitement of engaging in sexual activity in a public space to the rush of fucking a complete stranger. Here are four popular places on the UCLA campus where someone could still enjoy a quickie.

(photos by Joe)

1. Haines Hall (Basement)


Did you ever wonder why the Haines stall bathrooms have holes in between the walls? This cruising spot is made for the Peeping Tom in all of us. C’mon, would you rather listen to your professor ramble in Haines 39 or experiment with glory holes? That’s what I thought.

2, Ackerman 3rd Floor


Despite the high amount of foot traffic on the first floor, the third floor of Ackerman is relatively silent, so it’s perfect for those new to the cruising scene. Lots of stalls mean privacy for you to fulfill your (paradoxically) public sex fantasies. The best part? If it turns out to be bad you can always buy a pretzel from Wetzel’s to make you feel better. Nothing satisfies the disappointment  from a bad fuck better than hot, buttered carbs.

3. Royce Hall


Yes, that’s right. Hot gay sex is occurring while thousands of old white people watch shows by performing artists you’ve never heard of. This is probably one of the most widely known cruising spots on campus. Having hosted an array of famous artists (Yoyo-Ma, Patrick Stewart, Billie Holiday), this building is also perfect for hosting your first spit roast. Sex, art, and music all in one place? What’s not to like?

4. John Wooden Center Locker Rooms


The classic setting for any casual hookup, a place where sweaty bodies get naked around other sweaty bodies. Yeah bro, I know you have a girlfriend and a knot in your back from lifting too much. Let me help you out with it. With plenty of chances to meet your perfect stranger, the “Wood”en locker room will definitely not disappoint.

Whatever your poison, always make sure to play safe and make sure whatever you’re doing is consensual. Happy Cruising!

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My name is Joe and I'm a Gemini. I like getting plastered at bars and discussing social issues over coffee. My favorite movie is Varsity Blues and I do car commercials in Japan.


  1. Yeah I'm the frat guy says

    Lol did u write this article to outcast a certain spectrum of people ? What authority do you have other than being queer (I’m guessing)? Did you ever engage in these activities? If your a ucla student why didn’t you actually write about something that gay people don’t know….we are in a research based school right? So why not put your brain to work other than just rambling about other people’s “miserable life”.

    • Hi there, we were by no means trying to outcast closeted individuals and portray their lifestyles as miserable; this article was written heavily with satire and playfulness. We do not look down upon cruising (hence the “play safe” message at the end). We are not here to judge anyone; the goal of OutWrite is to subvert patriarchal judgments placed onto marginalized gender and sexual identities. As editor-in-chief, I apologize for making you feel judged in this way.

      • Daniel de la Cruz says

        The only thing about this response that I’d change, Gabriel, is the apology at the end. It is not the responsibility of the editor to apologise for satire (unless it’s poorly written). The article was entertaining (and unexpectedly informative?). The individual who commented clearly had a negative reaction to the article that he may want to look inside himself to examine and reevaluate. The response, to me, sounds like that of an individual who may be ashamed or otherwise experiencing pain in some way. That is a really dark place to be (we’ve all been there), and I truly hope he is able to climb out.

        Yeah I’m the frat guy, there are plenty of resources on campus, if you feel like you’re struggling or might want to talk to someone. I would suggest making an appointment with a counselor at CAPS or participating in the online and anonymous Queer chats on Tuesdays from 6-8pm, moderated by members of the UCLA LGBT CRC (check out the website at Those are just a few safe ways to explore what you’re thinking and feeling.

  2. Ryan Rubio says

    Thank you to the author of this article. I’m gay and work at UCLA. I just so happened to be in the 3rd floor of Ackerman and used the restroom. There were things going on I thought was cruising but thought its 2016, this generation doesn’t cruise. I was wrong. Thanks again!

  3. Recon says

    do they still cruise on campus? I know Royce had a video camera installed outside so not sure they do it anymore. So Ryan Rubio you found luck?

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