The Chronicle Life of an Asexual

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  1. Olivia Luna says:

    I love this article so much, thanks for speaking your truths on asexuality 🙂

  2. Alexandra says:

    This is such an empowering article, Kat. Even as someone who doesn’t identify as asexual, it was very healing to realize that we should all find and make peace in ourselves about the things that society makes us feel ashamed of, especially around sexuality. Sexuality should not be the Only thing that defines women Or men and we must fight to change that. Thank you So much for speaking out, Kat. You are such a beautiful person and I hope that your writing inspires many other beautiful people to document and speak out about the things that are marginalized in society and create so much pain. Really, this article is LOVE and I thank you for sharing that with us.

  3. Harvey P says:

    Kat, thank you for sharing your creative writing. I’m glad to learn something new about the asexual community!

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