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How to Get Away with Murder Speed Recap: Don’t Tell Annalise

Hey y’all, it’s Skylar, your friendly neighborhood OutWrite marketing director and staff writer. Today, we’re starting a weekly recap of everyone’s favorite Gay/Bi/Pan Murder Mystery Explosion, How to Get Away With Murder. Here’s the recap of the crazy shenanigans that went on during last Thursday’s episode.

In the courthouse

This week’s case revolves around Tristan, a 15-year-old who has been accused of stealing $41,000 via credit card fraud. Not sure why Asher was assigned to this case though, especially after watching him botch his opening statement whilst clenching his index cards. A lady rushes in to hand the DA a file, like the countless times Michaela finds out information minutes into a trial. We find out that Annalise’s license is on the verge of suspension because a video from last week of Annalise slapping her client from last week surfaces. Annalise finds out that Barry Lewiston, a board member of the university sent the video in and is hella mad at Soaraya Hargrove, her boss. Annalise then goes to the board and discusses her issues of alcoholism and how she will begin therapy for it, all part of a ploy to get her license back.

Because Annalise is under investigation for suspension, BonBon takes over the case. The Keating 5 thought that Tristan had a storage unit for his cash, but it turned out to be full of baby supplies. We then find out that Tristan’s past experience with child abuse and how he was coerced into having sex with his teacher, Susan. She’s due in five months and so Tristan has been stealing money to buy the baby supplies. In the next trial, Bonnie puts Susan on the stand and accuses her of raping Tristan. We can see Susan and Tristan tearing up but she stays silent and takes the fifth, even though we all know what happened.

Everybody’s lovelife

Annalise: EVE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hate her or love her, she’s back and she looks DROP-DEAD-GORGEOUS in a white dress. Annalise and her dance and drink until we see Annalise stumbling in through her door, while Nate takes care of her. Annalise lies to Nate and tells him that she was having dinner with Bonnie. Later on in the episode, Nate says a bunch of horrible things to Annalise after getting a feeling that Annalise and Eve are sleeping together, even though they’re not. He tells her that She’s an alcoholic, that she’s and that she’ll die alone in the house. Annalise and Eve start making out after an emotional conversation, but Eve pulls back and tells Annalise that she met someone. Eve said she’s thinking about moving to San Francisco to be with her new girlfriend, and Annalise tells Eve to go because she deserves love more than anyone. Meanwhile Nate is sleeping with the A.D.A Rene Atwood; Annalise goes from having 2 lovers to having none.

Coliver: The cutest ship Coliver is still broken up while both of them are on Grindr or  How to Get Away With Murder “Humpr”. Connor low-key tries to make Oliver jealous by constantly making sure that Oliver knows that he’s is getting messages. Connor goes on a sexual rendezvous, two guys of which, by the way are H-O-T HOT. Meanwhile it seems that Oliver has an admirer, Simon.  However, Oliver confirms that nothing is going on between them when he had a cute conversation with Connor about sleeping with other people.

Frank + Laurel: Shirtless Frank is seen giving hella cash to some shady lady for a bottle of gas and she warns him to be careful “Or you’ll blow yourself up”. IMMEDIATELY, my mind jumps to the conclusion that he was the jackass that set Annalise’s house on fire. He then goes to Coalport state prison and sleeps with a nurse there to get access into the medical ward. He surprises us all when he ends up using the gas bottle which was filled with Hydrogen sulfide to kill Bonnie’s sexually-abusive father, Bob. This doesn’t rule him out from burning the house down though. Let’s hope Laurel doesn’t find out that Frank slept with some random nurse-lady, because she has still been leaving Frank messages via her new phone.

Michaela + Asher: Connor playfully calls them out on their loud sex before the trial starts, but that’s as much of this relationship as we saw on this episode.

Wes + Meggy: Meggy throws a “surprise” party for Wes, but Laurel spoiled it for him when she had to make an excuse up for why she was acting so weirdly (because she keeps trying to call Frank). We don’t learn much about Wes and Meggy’s relationship but it seems that both Wes and Laurel still still has feelings for each other.

Where the episode name is from

The episode’s name “Don’t Tell Annalise,” is a quote said by Bonnie after she finds out that Laurel knows the whereabouts of Frank. Bonnie says this quote when Laurel tells her that Frank probably killed Bonnie’s father.


The episode starts with a flash forward of Annalise in a jail cell when all of a sudden Bonnie storms in to tell Annalise about the firefighters finding another body in the house. This person is alive, but we don’t know anything about them except that they’ve been burned.

At the end of the episode, we see Bonnie and Oliver scared shitless about who might have been in the house when it was burned down. The nurses won’t tell them anything, but Oliver cries for Meggy when he sees her running into a room. Meggy doesn’t hear him though, and rushes into the surgery room to tell the doctor that the burn-victim is pregnant. The camera pans to the face of the burn-victim and we find out that the burn-victim is Laurel. BUT WHOSE BABY IS IT?? WES OR FRANK OR SOMEONE ELSE? Who do you think is the father?!

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