Author: Skylar Kang

The Closet

  “I’m uncomfortable around you” you say but I don’t live to make you comfortable, I don’t live to be your gay best friend, I don’t live to be the animated embodiment of all trans people of color, I don’t live to stay quiet, to leave my voice echoing through the chambered cave That we […]

Review: ‘Sacred and Profane’ Wrestles with Religion and Sexuality

An interactive feature before ‘Sacred and Profane’ included artistically expressing ones’ own experiences with sexuality and religion. Sacred & Profane, a one-man show centering Tim Lewis’s personal experiences with Evangelical Christianity and homosexuality, opened in Los Angeles on February 16th. In the play, Lewis, who performed his own work, explores the limitations that religion places […]

How to Get Away with Murder Speed Recap: Don’t Tell Annalise

Hey y’all, it’s Skylar, your friendly neighborhood OutWrite marketing director and staff writer. Today, we’re starting a weekly recap of everyone’s favorite Gay/Bi/Pan Murder Mystery Explosion, How to Get Away With Murder. Here’s the recap of the crazy shenanigans that went on during last Thursday’s episode. In the courthouse This week’s case revolves around Tristan, […]