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The Closet


“I’m uncomfortable around you” you say


I don’t live to make you comfortable,

I don’t live to be your gay best friend,

I don’t live to be the animated embodiment of all trans people of color,

I don’t live to stay quiet, to leave my voice echoing through the chambered cave

That we call “the closet”


I live to reveal my identities

To knock down that icy cracking glass facade

To reveal the warm lilac blonde

that blooms in the middle of the campus quad

I live to show off that vibrant vivid personality of mine

That overpowers the grey monotonous passed time

To display this array of colors in the midst of spring — without a fear

Like Isis King — Truly standing here


So when you tell me you’re uncomfortable around me

That my existence “disgusts” you…

Frankly my dear,

I don’t give a fuck


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