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Original poem and illustration by Sarah Jensen 

Tomorrow and tomorrow and
Tomorrow I tell her I love her.
Well, she already knew that.
She’s said it before to me.
Tomorrow we find out how much our meanings of the phrase align.

Tomorrow and tomorrow and
Tomorrow I tell her all.
I tell her my old fears and new insecurities.
I tell her the last thing she doesn’t know about me.
I tell her I love her and I’m okay with that.

Tomorrow and tomorrow and
God, tomorrow I will be terrified.
I will take too long to speak.
But she will wait, and I will meet her eyes.
I won’t worry. I know we will have


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Sarah Jensen is an Undeclared – Engineering major in her first year at UCLA. She enjoys Pentatonix, John Keats, and Miraculous Ladybug, and writes (clean) Pokemon fanfiction in her spare time.

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